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Event Field is a multilayered journey where Israeli secret service conspiracy, physics, and philosophy collide in foreign cultural and legal terrain before a Canadian tourist.

During eight years in Israel studying at the Faculty of Law at Hebrew University, learning Hebrew and Judaism, and volunteering on kibbutz, Canadian composer and University of Toronto physics alumnus Elaine Morrison bore witness to a provocative episode of history, compelled in dream and wakened state to document her exposure.

A young state of Israel reborn in war hosts many a secret...among them the events surrounding one intellectual family unwittingly muddied in operations of the country’s own security service. Zmam relays the intensity of Israeli existence through a dense and relentless mystery thriller overtoned with expressions of contemporary history and culture. It was the author’s intent as witness to fact during the nineties to convey by means fiction a moody brew of the real and contrived, especially those realms where the two happen to be same.

The Draft portrays disparate experiences of two nationals and a Canadian tourist, adventurous girls facing adulthood with humour and courage in a modern militarized Israeli society, comprising book 2 of the series and following in the Zmam drama. It is a delving psychological
probe into the question of identity and perspective and the ability to transcend beyond our long-held concepts of such.

In the breathtaking stillness of Canada’s west a multinational array of armed forces converge undercover on intelligence maneuvers. Counterpoint constitutes book 3 of the Event Field trilogy following Zmam and The Draft. A witty dialogue amongst diverse characters marks their spiritual progression as opposing elements square off in final confrontation.