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Event Field - novel ISBN 9780595531554 - eBook ISBN 9780595632176
(set to symphony #1 - When I Die I'm Gonna Work For the Mossad
- audio CD ISBN 0973968214 - data CD score ISBN 0973968249)
by Elaine Morrison


mov. 1, symphony #1

Zmam - book 1 - chapter 1
Down the road exiting Jerusalem toward Jordan, called a highway but it was one easterly lane and another three-quarter gravelly falling over the hill joke rudely dropping into sand and rock to disappear all traces. Down winding past Hebrew University perched atop Mount Scopus the barrier, accelerating with the current in its descent from Israel to the Occupied Territories. Down curving through the baked army checkpoint, gripping cliffside as Maaleh Adomim's floating orange-capped villas witness the plummeting way to the Dead Sea, rounding to lose reference of the sentinel broadcast tower to the desert.

His Eyes Are Still Soft For Me

song for soprano, strings, and percussion, mov. 3

His eyes are still soft for me
body wanting more
searching hands grasping out mute words
darkness breathes of him
a wave envelopes me
turn 'round he's there.