[PAGE 9] Symphony #1

symphony #1 - When I Die I'm Gonna Work For the Mossad
- audio CD ISBN 0973968214 - data CD score ISBN 0973968249 by Elaine Morrison

symphony #1 demo - 7.5 minute highlight reel

Symphony #1 - When I Die I'm Gonna Work For the Mossad
mov. 1,2,3,4 - 1 hour - copyright 2001 (parts from 1985)

Movement 1

Introduction, Cataclysm, Polyphony, Fanfare, Melodic for brass and percussion

Movement 2

Mystical, La Noyade, Sharav, Interrupted Waltz, Virtuoso for guitar and piano

Movement 3

song "His eyes are still soft for me", Duet for strings, soprano, piano, and percussion

Movement 4

Jungle, Indian, Settlers', Fugue, Drums, Denouement, Military, Jungle/Drums 1-4/Settlers'/
Polyphony/Cataclysm reprise, Drums Finale 1-4
for percussion, brass, strings, wind, and guitar